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Underdogs. Most people like to root for the underdogs.  They are the little people who have had every obstacle thrown in the way, every rug pulled out from underneath, everything that means anything has been stolen or destroyed. In short everything that could go wrong in this life has.

But instead of rolling over to take another hit or surrendering to the dark, they stand up, and against all odds or common sense, they fight.

The opponent may be bigger, richer, meaner, more deadly. He may hold all the cards, have all the resources and armies and minions at his command. The odds/fate/destiny is on his side, but still, the underdogs fight.

Super GirlThey are no longer victims, they’re victors, rebels, heroes. They may not win, but they will go down swinging, never giving up.

And we cheer for them. We are them. We all have moments or chapters, in our lives where we feel like the underdog, like we just can’t win. And we hope we have the courage of the underdog, to fight back and survive, and just maybe even win.

Who’s your favorite underdog?