Slow DancingWell, it’s been a long busy summer and the last challenge about did me in! I jumped in at the very last possible minute, completely unprepared, and scrambled through it, always feeling about 3 steps behind as I limped forward. Never again! While it was great to get into the habit of posting on a regular basis, daily is definitely not workable for me. I have a day job, edits on my first novel to complete and three more stories chomping at their bits.

And, Chuck Wendig hasn’t shared his time-stopping elixir recipe. How else can someone produce as much as he does, post constantly on his own Terrible Minds blog, twitter, and many other social media sites, attend and present at conferences, signings etc., and co-raise a tiny toddler-tornado? I can’t keep up with reading all that he publishes (I think 4 have come out in as many months), let alone write that much.

I’m trying, though.

I am ready to commit to this:
• I will catch up on my book reviews.
• I have two right now for Delilah S. Dawson, another incredible and talented outputter and favorite tweeter with small children. I think Chuck slipped her the Elixir recipe. Or she distracted him with her bludbunnies and stole it.
• I will blog weekly.
• I will Tweet daily. (I tend to be a lurker & retweeter, absorbing all the tweety goodness but don’t feel I have a lot of pertinent stuff to add, being a newbie. I’m getting over that)
• I will finish my last round of edits and submit. For real this time.
• I will continue to tweak and add onto my blog, sharing the links of the things that help, amuse, and/or inspire me.
I hope you’ll bear with me, and prod me with a stick if I’m slacking off.
We’re all in this together, one way or another.