This past week, everything that could go wrong, did. Power outages, internet issues, insomnia and my health taking a downward turn have all put a damper on my apparently overly ambitious objectives. And I’m late on my Week 1 check in. I have decided to  down scale my goals for this round. My health has to be my number one priority.

Writing is a part of that. It keeps me sane and lifts me up when everything is crashing down around me. It’s my sedentary escapism. But, I’d rather succeed in accomplishing (and maybe surpassing) smaller goals and feel like I’m winning at something than continue to fail at everything.

So, here’s what happened last week and the updated goals for the next part of this round.

1. Writing

a. 750 250+ words a day on MS 2 (after completing outline by this Sunday.)

b. Final FINAL edit on MS 1.

c. Write query and synopsis for MS 1 by Sunday end of the July.

d. Send out MS 1 queries to agents (YIKES!)

2. Blogging

I need the connection to the outside world. I’m isolating myself too much, even though it’s unavoidable until I get some physical energy back. What little bit of energy I have goes to basic needs and medical appointments.

I’d like to come up with weekly theme days: 1 or 2 to start (planning on beginning this next week)

     a. 1 Blog post per week while I figure out the format of my blog

I have some things in a file I may dig out and repurpose for this until I’m in the state of mind and body to create something completely new.

     b. Comment on 5+ 3+ blogs per week

     c. Create blog format (i.e. Manic Mondays, Twirly Tuesdays…)Still to do

3. Reading/Reviewing

     a. 1 Book review per week every other week, until I get caught up. (Then, it’s at the mercy of how fast I can read.)

     b. Read fiction each night before bed. Done!! Woo hoo! Keep working this!

     c. Read (and review) at least 1 craft book per month during this round.

4. Health

I’m fighting my health issues with everything I have, which isn’t much right now. I’m desperately trying to stay optimistic…

     a. Increase stamina and muscle tone.

                  i.   Treadmill in small increments throughout the day.

Start with 10 minutes per hour as tolerated. Epic fail. Rough health week on so many levels. Still overall goal.

                ii.   Light weights during commercials (when not writing) as tolerated. Epic fail. See i.

     b. Really focus on eating properly. Fail. See i. Too tired to prep much. Finally went grocery shopping yesterday for the first time in 2 weeks and it kicked my a$$. Hopefully I’ll energy to prep and pre-cook tomorrow. In the meantime, yogurt’s healthy, right?

     c. Continue with doctor’s orders. Doing. Just started new treatments. It’s an hour’s drive each way to the doctor’s office, plus an hour for the treatment, two times per week. The whole thing wipes me out. I try to do whatever errands (I pick 1 each day) are a priority on those days, because I know I’ll be whipped for at least the next day or two. Plus, it’s about the only time I get out of the house, so hopefully I can do something to give myself a little boost. Yesterday it was grocery shopping (the dogs needed food—and so did the family); hopefully on Thursday, I can stop at the bookstore. That’s always been my go-to place, usually each day on my lunch hour at work. It calms, relaxes and recharges. And a great place to visualize my book being front and center someday!

I’m not giving up, just doing a little…adjusting. Thanks for listening and for coming along for the ride!