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Hey, I write romance.

Someone (yes, a guy) once asked me what the difference between seducing someone and romancing someone was. It made me a little sad.

For me, it’s really quite simple:

When you seduce someone, you want their body.

When you romance someone, you want their heart, their soul, their everything.

While Romance (if the feelings are mutual) will inevitably include seduction, Seduction doesn’t always lead to romance. Think Coyote Ugly.

seductionSeduction is hormones, prolonged glances raking down your body, licking lips begging to be kissed, pooling blood in tingly places, tangled sweaty bodies with no thought to what comes next. It’s a tango, a dance, a dare to surrender. Only now matters.

Romance knows the little things that mean a lot to me; what’s important to me is important to you; showing me that you care what I think and want; making me happy makes you happy. It makes me feel safe while jumping off the edge. It’s cuddling on the couch, touching me when you pass without even thinking, kissing me for no reason, with no warning. It’s breathless, sleepless, comforting, tingly. It’s reciprocal. It’s whole. It’s everything. Including seduction, but with a promise for tomorrow.

What’s the difference between seduction and romance to you?