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rite drunk; edit sober, according to Ernest Hemingway.

writePour a cocktail, some wine or beer, or a cup of tea if that’s your process. Write with your inhibitions relaxed, with abandon, joy, anger, and sorrow close to the top, just a sip away. Immerse yourself in the moment, like no one will ever read it but you.  Dare to take the path untaken, write the worlds unimagined, say the words you wouldn’t dare say. Be free. Be fearless.

Edit thoroughly, mercilessly, brutally. Brew a bucket of double espresso, get out the red pen and saber and slash the bits that are unworthy, darling or not. Writing is the art; editing is the business, uncovering the


the sparkly crystal surprise in the center of the rough bedrock. Some days, it’s just panning for gold, filtering out the silt and mud to find the true nuggets of genius. Your day or moment just might fill your treasure chest. Or just tease you enough to continue. Or it might leave you with little left to work with, or a whole new start.


esterday may have been full of brilliance prose or blank pages. Regardless, you have to move on to the next chapter, paragraph or sentence. The thing that matters is what’s next. The past is only useful if it spurs you forward. Learn from your errors and move forward. No wallowing allowed. Every day is a battle. Writing isn’t for the faint of heart. It’s for the obsessed, the determined. It’s for the possessed who can’t not do it. It’s for the


ealot wordsmith, storyteller, imagineer. We create because we must, no  matter the outcome.

Join us! There’s nothing like it!