Okay, I finally did it! This is my first blog post. I’m still setting up the site, so this will be brief.

I’m so excited to finally be live in the blogosphere! It feels like this is the next important step in my writing career and a way to finally tame the voices shouting, crying, laughing and screaming in my head, interrupting the story at hand.

I’ve recently joined Twitter (@bethannpost) and have found a lot of great people and advice. I resisted it for so long, thinking it was a colossal waste of time and an indulgence for those with nothing better to do. Instead, I’ve found a supportive community of eclectic creatives who encourage, push and celebrate each other’s accomplishments. Together we laugh, cry, jump for joy, share things that interest us and move us forward.  Writing is, by its nature, a solitary sport. But we are stronger together and no one is ever alone. Thank you for that.