I had fully intended to join ROW80 for Round 2, but life, and death, got in the way.

I really need the push and a community to be accountable to in order to move forward with these goals. I’ve never been any good at making my dreams a priority, but if I have a responsibility to support and be supported by the kindness of strangers, I’ll be able to justify it to myself.

I’m so close, and now is the perfect time to do this. I’m off work due to health issues, so instead of wallowing and turning into a couch potato, numbing myself with too much TV, I’m going to immerse myself into this very important dream of mine that I’ve put off for too many years decades.

Tune in on July 2 for the “Goals” post and thanks in advance for your support, and for letting me support you as we all achieve more than we would alone.