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C is for…

Coffee, Chocolate, Cocktails

You know, basic writer fuel. It’s our birthright, practically an obligation, as writers to enjoy copious amounts of external stimulants and rewards.

Coffee: To wake up those brain cells and accelerate the synapses so we can create and type really, really fast.. I like it dark and bold and straight and just a little bit sweet. Like my men. Or with the works, a venti-triple-shot-caramel-coconut-peppermint-hazelnut-mocha-iced-no-foam-frappa-scalding-hot-frozen-chino. Non-fat, of course. But don’t scrimp on the whip. Every girl needs a little whip cream. And sprinkles. Did I miss anything?

Chocolate: To reward, bribe, or just keep my blood sugar up for one more chapter. But mostly because I LOVE IT. Again, the darker the better. And organic, if possible. Here are five little words of golden writerly wisdom: Dark chocolate covered espresso beans. Enough said.

Cocktails: Deep, dark red wine, the drier the better & craft beers are my every day go-tos.(Watch the next post for my favorite.) But at heart, I’m a tequila girl(I’m pretty sure I’ll go further into depth when we hit “T” day), so it’s usually a top shelf margarita on the rocks if I’m going for the hard stuff. I make a killer Raspberry Royal margarita. Or a mojito, in homage to Papa (yeah, that’s the reason), while writing on the imaginary beach in my mind…

So, what’s your favorite? Feel free add your favorite recipes or plug your favorite local brewery.