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D.  is for…


That’s “Drrrrragonmead.” You have to read it with the rrrrolled r’s and a Scottish-Irrrish brrrogue. This is my favorite microbrewery. It’s beers are crisp, flavorful and clean. And with it’s Final Absolution’s 8.5% alcohol content, you don’t have to drink

Ring of Fireis my all time favorite, brewed with jalapeno, serrano and habenero peppers. If you like things spicy, you’ll love this! It’s surprisingly smooth with a surprising little afterburn of spicy goodness. While it does have a lovely heat to it, it’s more of a complex spicy flavorburst. One sip and you’ll be hooked!

Unfortunately, it’s only available on tap in Warren, Michigan sporadically. But any of their other house made brews will definitely make it worth the trip. If you’re ever in the neighborhood, let me know. The first round’s on me!

What’s your favorite local flavor?