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is for…  HUGS!

The writing life lends itself to isolation. It’s not generally a team sport. Long hours alone with nothing but your thoughts, characters, and computer (or notebook), only to emerge depleted and exhausted can leave you feeling needy for human contact.

While social networking can make you feel less like you’re on this journey alone, there’s nothing like a good old-fashioned hug to lift your spirits and reconnect you to the real world. It’s even been said that hugs, among other things, can help you live to be 100 or more, and maybe even enjoy it!

So give a hug and get a hug! Hug your kid, a dog or cat, your significant other, your mom and dad, a friend, a stranger, your neighbor,  your barista, your bartender, someone elderly, someone who looks like they need it. Hug another living creature.

Best of all, HUG A WRITER!Couple Walking Under Umbrella

My arms are always open!


What do you think? Do hugs make a difference for you? Are you willing to make a difference for someone else?