is for Imagination.

Writing is one of the few vocations that encourages us to actually plunge into a fantasy world of our own creation and live there, creating its every inhabitant and vista

Most Day Jobs (at least most that I have had and still have) tend to suck the creativity and creationism out of its employees. We have a tiny little corner of someone else’s world to maintain and keep functioning while drowning under the fluorescent lights that make us feel as green as the wilting plant gasping in the corner.

But when I leave, I get to submerge myself in a world of sunshine and thunderstorms, with beautiful heroines and heart-melting heroes, curious characters and terrifying villains. You get to kill off those that displease, sacrifice darlings for the greater good, embark on quests, adventures and new frontiers. You can create the world you want, or want to destroy, and ride off into the sunset on a unicorn, or starship, merman…wait…that’s a different kind of story.

And we can do it anywhere we please, as long as there’s a power source for our laptop or a enough light for our notebook.imagination

It truly is a wonderful life, if we create it that way.

What’s the dream world you’re working on right now? I’d love to visit, if you’ll let me.