Midweek Check In

I finally got my power back on! *Happy dance!* After over twenty-four hours of ninety-five plus degree weather and a blistering, sleepless night full of house-shaking thunderstorms and periodic M-80 explosions, I’m just a tad behind on my goals. Oh, and still no internet. I’m going to try to make it somewhere with Wi-Fi, but the exhaustion is kicking my @$$ today. (Update: I just wasn’t up to going out, so I tried desperately to do this from my phone. I couldn’t get it to work. But, I sucked it up and went to the coffice for a bit. Now, it’s nap time.)

There’s no focus to be had, so I think I’ll work ahead on the reading goals and (hopefully) double up on the writing goals tomorrow and/or throughout the weekend.

But, I’m all about the last minute sprint, so there’s hope. And, with each goal subdivided in to weekly increments, every Monday is a fresh start. Who’d have thought I’d ever actually look forward to Mondays!

And I’m working on a real (non ROW80 update related) blog post to hopefully have up before Sunday. I may have to break out the Elixir of Inspiration…

Happy Independence Day! And a great big “thank you” to all of our service men and women, and their families. All those big sparkly things in the sky, they’re for you.


ROW80: Round 3 Goals

ROW 80 Round 3 Goals

So, this first ROW80 is off to a roaring start! I’ve been without power all day, and, stupid me, I didn’t plug in my laptop last night (not to mention I don’t have battery powered internet either). So, I’m working at the coffice today. And, this post is much later than I had planned.

Here are my goals for this round.

1. Writing

a. 750+ words a day on MS 2 (after completing outline by this Friday.)

b. Final FINAL edit on MS 1.

c. Write query and synopsis for MS 1 by Sunday.

d. Send out MS 1 queries to agents (YIKES!)

2. Blogging

I’d like to come up with weekly theme days—1 or 2 to start

a. 1 Blog post per week while I figure out the format of my blog

b. Comment on 5+ blogs per week

c. Create blog format (i.e. Manic Mondays, Twirly Tuesdays…)

3. Reading/Reviewing

a. 1 Book review per week, until I get caught up. (Then, it’s at the mercy of how  fast I can read.)

b. Read fiction each night before bed.

c. Read (and review) at least 1 craft book per month.

4. Health

I’m currently off from my day job to recover and regain my health. My allergies and chemical sensitivities have been getting progressively worse and my immune system is going haywire. A big part of this is severe exhaustion, progressing muscle weakness and severe environmental sensitivity.

At first, I was planning to make the best of a bad situation and focus on my writing. You can just sit in a comfy chair with the lap top and go to town. Well, I spent most of the first month off sleeping, or fighting insomnia. On the occasional “good” day, I’d try to catch up on the little things I had to let slip (like laundry, grocery shopping, cleaning…) and be virtually bedridden for the next 3-4 days. There’s a very fine line between increasing stamina through activity and exercise and total debilitation. I’m walking that tight rope every day.

a. Increase stamina and muscle tone.

i.   Treadmill in small increments throughout the day.

Start with 10 minutes per hour as tolerated.

ii.   Light weights during commercials (when not writing) as tolerated.

b. Really focus on eating properly. This means I have to prep my meals and    snacks. I tend to get too tired to fix something nutritious, especially later in the day, so I eat whatever is grab and go on hand.

c.  Continue with doctor’s orders.

So, 90 days to an improved life. I’m in!



Round of Words in 80 Days: Round 3

I had fully intended to join ROW80 for Round 2, but life, and death, got in the way.

I really need the push and a community to be accountable to in order to move forward with these goals. I’ve never been any good at making my dreams a priority, but if I have a responsibility to support and be supported by the kindness of strangers, I’ll be able to justify it to myself.

I’m so close, and now is the perfect time to do this. I’m off work due to health issues, so instead of wallowing and turning into a couch potato, numbing myself with too much TV, I’m going to immerse myself into this very important dream of mine that I’ve put off for too many years decades.

Tune in on July 2 for the “Goals” post and thanks in advance for your support, and for letting me support you as we all achieve more than we would alone.


Hello world!



Okay, I finally did it! This is my first blog post. I’m still setting up the site, so this will be brief.

I’m so excited to finally be live in the blogosphere! It feels like this is the next important step in my writing career and a way to finally tame the voices shouting, crying, laughing and screaming in my head, interrupting the story at hand.

I’ve recently joined Twitter (@bethannpost) and have found a lot of great people and advice. I resisted it for so long, thinking it was a colossal waste of time and an indulgence for those with nothing better to do. Instead, I’ve found a supportive community of eclectic creatives who encourage, push and celebrate each other’s accomplishments. Together we laugh, cry, jump for joy, share things that interest us and move us forward.  Writing is, by its nature, a solitary sport. But we are stronger together and no one is ever alone. Thank you for that.